The Washington Group Consultants, LLC

Practice Areas:

Commodity Distribution

Scope of Practice
TWG has assisted international clients with the development, program design, proposal preparation, contract negotiation, detailed planning, market research and surveys, hiring and training of both U.S. and third country nationals staffs, commodity movement management, transportation management, storage supervision, pricing, distribution, and/or collection of proceeds in two international food programs for humanitarian assistance. The total commodity tonnages exceeded 25,000 metric tons, and transportation distances were as high as 12,000 miles using four transportation modes. Commodities originated in the U.S. and were distributed throughout the Republic of Belarus.

TWG successfully demonstrated the market-based monetization (sale) of commodities in one large program, and it assisted the client in management of a smaller monetization program.

TWG formed, staffed, supported and managed an international joint commission for humanitarian assistance which screened more than 300 project proposals, submitted thirty projects for funding, and monitored the successful implementation and completion of the approved projects.

The TWG Managing Director presented a two day seminar "How to Start and Run Your Own Business" and twelve breakout sessions to a standing room only audience of 1,200 local nationals at the end of the program with the assistance of business specialists and highly sophisticated interpreters and a multi-media graphic presentation in 1993.

History of Practice
The TWG commodity distribution program management practice began in 1992 and involved some fifty direct hire staff and 150 U.S. volunteers during its first two years of operation.

Client References
Furnished only with client permission and in confidence.

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