The Washington Group Consultants, LLC

Practice Areas:

Turnaround Management

Scope of Practice
TWG has established a special sub-practice in turnaround management during the 1990s. With experience in consumer durable goods manufacture, services, and consumer retail goods manufacture, TWG has provided the full range of leadership in turnaround situations in enterprises in the midwestern U.S., northwestern U.S., and the mid-Atlantic states. Enterprise sizes ranged to as high as $30.0 million in annual revenues and in loss situations as high as $1.0 million per month.

TWG has provided management leadership ranging from direct support to temporary assumption of President and Chief Operating Officer appointments with up to six top management appointees.

History of Practice
The TWG turnaround management practice began in 1990 and continues to the present.

Client References
Furnished only with client permission and in confidence.

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